Team Wizardry

Team Wizardry is a group of modders that focus on making very high quality and well polished mods. Not that different from most groups, however that most of our mods are written in Kotlin while others are in Java.

Team Wizardry’s core coding team consists of Demoniaque, WireSegal, thecodewarrior, Escapee, Bluexin, and InsomniaKitten. Less involved, but still greatly appreciated are the various devs that have helped along the way, including Paul Fulham, and Eladkay. Various artists have helped make up for the coders’ collective artistic ineptitude, including MechWarrior99, InsomniaKitten, and Tris Astral.

Official Team Wizardry mods include:

If you want to follow our progress or just want to chill and hang out, consider joining our discord server!

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